Impressions of Rachael in Spain and Morocco

Rachael in Barcelona

She found a circus by the sea
past the house of giants in la ribera,
sat among crazy shapes
on a gaudi rooftop and wept
softly for sandro the clown

Rachael in the Medina

Squeezing past donkeys
in old fez, she dared to eat snails,
breathe deep at the tanneries,
and follow the tink-tink-tink
to the teapot maker.

On the Ferry

One by one across choppy seas
lights come on in gibraltar.
A moroccan girl sneaks up,
kisses rachael’s cheek and runs
back to her own seat.

In Granada

Ham plate in an ancient tavern
before the alhambra, still
further out the snowy peaks
of the sierra nevada; manolo
laughs and makes us mojitos.

In Madrid

What are you doing, Rachael,
at the foot of a statue
by the palacio real?
“Singing. And thinking about
how weird i look.”

2 thoughts on “Impressions of Rachael in Spain and Morocco

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