The Monkey of the Inkpot

This one is not my own but taken from Jorge Luis Borges’s Book of Imaginary Beings.

“This animal, common in the north, is four or five inches long; its eyes are scarlet and its fur is jet black, silky, and soft as a pillow. It is marked with a curious instinct – the taste for India ink. When a person sits down to write, the monkey squats cross-legged nearby with one forepaw folded over the other, waiting until the task is over. Then it drinks what is left of the ink, and afterward sits back on its haunches, quiet and satisfied.” (Borges cites Wang Tai-Hai, 1791)

1 thought on “The Monkey of the Inkpot

  1. Mr. Borges book was a gift from my son. So thank you for inviting me to a re-look at it from all aspects, including the feminine. The dilemma of the writer in the monkey and Lilith as the beautiful, dark, condemned, creative feminine side. ‘The mother of glittering sons and radiant daughters”. I wish he had included Sophia, She who played at creation alongside Yahweh.


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