Two Dreams

Without training, without motive, and without divine inspiration, I stumbled in dream upon an undiscovered branch of mathematics. It’s embedded in simple operations like (2 x 4 x 6). Beneath each of the simplest steps in this operation, a rich and dynamic process spins away into unfathomable depths, enabling the valid execution of the step. It is not a form of geometry or calculus or quantum mechanics. It is not a quadratic equation or algebraic function. It is a whole new form with a unique set of rules, a code that makes possible the very concept of numerical relationships. The closest metaphor to encapsulate this hidden branch of mathematics is an infinite spiral staircase full of trap doors opening and closing beneath each step in the surface operation.

In my dream logic, the hiddenness of our branch of mathematics segues into the hiddenness of Judgment Day, and its essential revelation is that the rapture is for objects and not just souls or people. It was an average urban day, and I noticed continuous cascades of light that were heretofore hidden forming an upward conduit for the things of this world. A city bus floated above the ground at an odd, chaotic angle in the light. This is not a prophecy of some future event. The future is folded into the present like egg whites in a batter cooled and stored. But this ongoing rapture can only be seen from one angle of abstraction. And reality affords millions of angles of abstraction. We’re not often oriented to see this one. In the modern age, which elapses under the sign of science, only dreamers, psychotics, and the occasional Pentecostal are permitted this orientation. I myself was made privy only through one of the trap doors in my mathematical dream. But before I could bring things into the full light of intelligibility, the alarm rang and I had to go to work.


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