U.S. Economic Conditions

Time for a political entry, but I’ll just let Sen. Bernie Sanders say it in his own words, since he is the one true voice of the people, beholden to no party and no big corporate interests (although I, like Bernie, pragmatically side with the Democrats on most issues).

Bernie on the current U.S. economic predicament

3 thoughts on “U.S. Economic Conditions

  1. I am on Bernie’s email list myself. He is a pretty much straight shooter and sound perfectly correct to me. The logic of the numbers is so loud as to be deafening.


  2. Bernie is, in fact, beholden to several special interest groups, as proven by a look at the top contributors to his campaign. These contributors include:
    1.) United Steelworkers
    2.) NEA
    3.) AFT (American Federation of Teachers)
    3.) American Crystal Sugar

    If you are naive enough to believe that political forces such as the United Steelworkers, the NEA, and the AFT have a less corrosive and negative impact on American politics than many large corporations, you are sorely mistaken.


  3. Another point of contention with Bernie’s piece: “They also rescinded financial regulations that enabled Wall Street to operate like a gambling casino, leading to a severe recession that eroded tax revenue and left more than 14 percent of American workers unemployed or underemployed.”

    This is in fact, wholly inaccurate. The effort to repeal Glass-Steagall, the centerpiece of U.S. financial regulation since the Great Depression, was initiated by Robert Rubin, Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary.

    The Community Reinvestment Act became law in 1989 but the regulators modifications made in 1995 were the true source of the financial collapse of 2008. These regulatory changes were made by Lloyd Bentsen, Clinton’s first Secretary of the Treasury. These changes were made to help the poor and the U.S. economy was destroyed in the process. Of course, the results of liberal policies don’t matter – only the intention of those concerned, caring liberals who will surely lead America to economic ruin.


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