Another Dream

A Dream Before Dawn on March 21

Thousands of years ago, when we first met, when gods and goddesses laughed and roamed fields of giant clover to the monotonous throb of primeval honeybees, we sat by a secret pond at night. The stars were the same then as they are now, but the constellations were different. You dipped your hand in the water as if to study an undersea plant or fish, and I dove in to do something but then I couldn’t remember what. And when I came up, the constellations had changed into Virgo and Scorpio and big and little dippers. The old cosmos was gone. That quickly a new age had begun, a human age of quiet hunger and missed connections. Dark and silent, we retreated into the ferns and mosses and heavy branches, the moon more lovely and distant than ever, and I felt your hand still wet with the possibilities of that lost moment.

4 thoughts on “Another Dream

  1. I like the “Thousands of years ago, when we first met” and the surrealist description of the landscape. But I think you are smoking too much weed my friend.


  2. WordPress should have a “LOVE” button besides that pedestrian “like” button. I’m rediscovering you all over again. This just transports me into higher spheres. Some of your intellectual posts make my brain bleed. Stuff like this makes my heart sing. I’d already requested, but, go on, write some more creative stuff! Ciao! 🙂

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