Such stuff as memes are made on

Gary’s collected memes to date (feel free to vote your favorite … or express your dissent)

alpaca gay  hobby lobby2 moral compass1 wealth gap     best people memesci6soc cap2


8 thoughts on “Such stuff as memes are made on

  1. Enjoy seeing Brother Neal (3rd one). Reminds me of the Mardi Gras (long long ago) where he was dressed as baby Time (in a diaper) and I stumbled into him at the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon street. (As I recall I was in long johns, barefoot, no shirt and someone had written “eat mo’ pussy” on my chest in red lipstick). We each had a jug of our favorite alcoholic mix which we decided to sample to see which was stronger. I think Neal’s was part gasoline—very ‘smooooth.’


  2. My favourite is the response to Thatcher’s shockingly dodgy ethics. Extra points for finding an absolutely typical example of how an arch capitalist thinks!


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