Picture Race This Way

Events of the past few months, from Ferguson to New York to Paris, have led to many lines being drawn in the sand on issues of race and ethnicity. Without in any way trying to foreclose those debates, I thought it might be nice to put into the mix one mental input that erases lines in the sand, so I created this meme. Forgive my lack of technical skill.

visualize race2

7 thoughts on “Picture Race This Way

  1. What do you mean, lack of technical skill? These are perfect photos. A friend of mine said recently, “There is only one race: the human race.” Thanks for these – it is great to begin the day on a high note.


    • Hi Fan of Dickens. It’s my layout skills that are especially unsophisticated (just paste photos and text boxes into Word and move them around as best I can). But I’m glad you still like it 🙂


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