5 Days FREE — Mr. Robert’s Bones

Immersed in mysterious New Orleans, three kids join up with quirky old mid-city characters to save their neighborhood by unraveling its haunted history of racism and betrayal.

Kindle copies FREE and paperback copies marked down. Five days only, starting June 18. Great gift for young adults or adult readers.

Go to Amazon or see my descriptive link.

book cover from createsp1

9 thoughts on “5 Days FREE — Mr. Robert’s Bones

    • Hi Swami. I hope to have another giveaway soon. If not, it’s cheap in the U.S. ($2.99 Kindle [with free download of Kindle reader], $6.99 paperback), but I don’t know about in India. You might like the emphatically Catholic setting in New Orleans (although Catholicism is more part of the “furniture” than a theme per se). Hope you have a chance to get it. You can email me at drggautier@gmail.com if we need to pass more info. Gary


      • My Dear Gary, Thanks for writing. …Though I have liked to read, in my past, quite a lot indeed, nowadays I am too hard pressed for time to indulge in that.

        Having taken up the role of ‘Opinion former,’ write, on social issues, on Facebook, Twitter and on the Blog of course. My Novel has been lying dormant for months now!

        It is a battle of Time and Energy now for me.

        Yeah, I know what You mean by the ‘furniture’ catholicism. It is there. To be farted on. Francis seems to be different. But he is taking his time. Maybe that is a Wise thing. And hope they don’t Kill him, as they did John Paul the 1st, (I hope I have the name right).

        Wish You All the Best and My Hearty Regards. Yesudas.

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        • Thanks Swami. I’m pulling for Pope Francis, as are many of my Catholic and non-Catholic friends. (Btw, by “furniture” in my particular case, I meant no judgment, just that the novel is set in a Catholic community but the story itself neither promotes nor denigrates Catholicism.)

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