Apollo and Daphne

Separate we sit on the stone
a lizard below flashing green and gray
the sleek soft body coiled in fear
or hatred or worse. Monuments surround us.

The horizon ruptures, up, up
it floats and hangs through the moss
mislaid dreams of a fruitful season
our own bodies sleek and soft and coiled.

I see you now clear and separate
fading fingers fine-strung in moss
and behind you the radish slice moon
all beauty and light and bitter ash.

13 thoughts on “Apollo and Daphne

  1. A Bernini with words.

    “Lead me astray, beguiling female voices.
    Feed me on hope,
    cooing today, cursing tomorrow,
    locking me out, letting me in.”

    – Ovid (Amores, Book II)

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  2. I really liked what Chris commented: “A Bernini with words.”
    I fell in love with Bernini’s works after having to do a school project on him and visiting Rome for the first time. Your poem took me right back to one of his most beautiful sculptures πŸ™‚


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