In light of Colin Kaepernick’s NFL protests, I thought this 1969 version of the American national anthem timely once again, full of complex emotions for a complex patriotism – you can hear the social chaos, the agony and machinery of war, but also genuine affection and all manner of poignant emotion. Hendrix brings the anthem into the moment in a way that might rattle rote memory patriots as well as easy-gesture protesters, bringing both groups one step past their comfort zone, one step closer to the hippie ideal where we break through conventional ways of doing things and recognize that we’re all in this together.



5 thoughts on “Kaepernick/Patriotism

  1. Since the American National Anthem music is an old British standard and only the WORDS are actually the American Anthem, how do we know that Jimmy Hendrix wasn’t actually just playing the British Standard ? LOL

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