5 thoughts on “The Nether Lands

    • Hahaha. BEAUTIFULLY misty, I’d say, although my cleft title vaguely suggests that this boat is getting read to ply the River Styx. I’m not sure what that says about your country. Anyway, we had a nice couple of hours in Domburg and an even smaller town where our driver stopped (and where I took the pic), but I cant remember the name of the smaller town 😦

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      • That my country is the Underworld? We do have a city called Helmond (literally trnaslated: Hell Mouth – something I thought was hilarious when “Buffy” was still on).
        We also have tons of small towns, which, if you ask me, are often a lot nicer than the bigger cities. Then again, I am a town-girl and not so much a fan of cities in general 0:)

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