Trump runs the government like a business

In the corporate world, when the executive makes all the final decisions and those who disagree are replaced, it’s called business as usual. In government, it’s called fascism. The reason democratic governments are not run like businesses is because there’s a different set of risks associated with the concentration of power. When you refuse access to unfavorable press and discredit judges for checking executive power, you have just gone after the two basic firewalls between us and fascism. This is why Michael Moore says that a coup is underway in the U.S. and no one realizes it. In fact, Trump himself may not realize it, as I suspect he is just managing the only way he knows how, oblivious to the historical implications.

I think U.S. institutions are strong enough to stave off the coup, but people need to stay vigilant and vocal about the implications of Trump’s manner of using institutional leverage (with a crude authoritarian nationalism) to silence dissent.

25 thoughts on “Trump runs the government like a business

  1. I’ve noticed, in beginning to get acquainted with you, Gary, that you and I seem to share this “hippie idealism” in common. I’m eager to receive your book from Amazon.

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    • Gary and AP,
      I was in the French quarter yesterday for Mardi Gras. I expected many costumes with pro or anti-Trump themes. There were a few but not many in the FQ (more in Marigny) but interestingly there were numerous older folks dressed as hippies carrying inclusive signs—equality, love, peace etc. I thought of you and the more subtle message these folks our age and older were sending.

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  2. Gary,
    Your point is well taken but there are also other reasons that government should not be slavishly run as a business. For example, business is run for a profit. Using that criterion a businessman will cut or eliminate a program that is losing money. But in government the greater good of the citizenry may require maintaining programs that lose money. One simple example.
    That’s not to say there are no aspects of a business background that can be helpful in running government. Familiarity with finance would be one such example.

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  3. Excellent article. A business does not set interest rates, does not physically attack or get attacked by other businesses, and it is not responsible for the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” of its employees. Also it cannot easily go bankrupt without serious repurcussions that cannot be ignored.

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  4. oh my goodness this is great…matter of fact I rant about the “coup” that is fast approaching like a train wreck every day….my daughter laughs at me, says I’m
    “afraid of Russians.” Ha…its not so much fear as it is cautious respect and palpable panic waiting for the cold war to culminate in some terrible promised land of dismay. They really WILL “get us” if we let them….now the Mad leaders that have wiggled into power may be handing us over on a platter…. Red Herrings smell just as bad as other fish…and the fool-hardy are still fools! Love your posts….liberal that I am, having been a liberal since I was in diapers.

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    • Thanks, Grandma. I’m vagabonding in Germany right now and from here a big concern is what happens to the NATO alliance if no one wants to share sensitive intelligence because Trump may start talking to the Russians or anyone else at a moment’s notice. I suspect the transfer of sensitive intelligence has already slowed considerably for this justifiable reason.


      • sorry to hear that, but not surprised. I’m not sure what is going on, but it can’t be good! Every day there is at least one outrageous atrocity…hopefully the congress is making a contingency plan and not just looking out for their own butts…

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      • please call me grad…mama. 🙂 Yes I am very concerned about NATO….so many people have no idea what the purpose of the organization was/is. The level of ignorance about these things is horrifying… I am a historian, but everyone should be congnizant on some level of what the US does and where…even why!

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        • Gras Mama,
          I’m with you. We have a less and less literate society, where liberal arts is denigrated and too many of our citizens are ignorant of history, literature,art and anything much beyond whose on dancing with the stars (I assume that is still a TV show).

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          • many readers make the same slip…thanks for commenting. the original “gradmama” came years ago when I was trying to create an AOL name…I was a graduate student AND a grandmother and the name sort of formed itself after numerous tries.

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  5. I agree with you and can’t see anything positive happening for the next four years. I know many people voted for him precisely because of his business background. They had no idea or understanding that the government is not a business.
    I felt very disillusioned over friends and family that voted for this. I knew his term would be a disaster. He can’t even carry on a conversation, he’s lost. I saw this from the very beginning. His views and attitude were troubling enough. He has stirred up the worst in people, and they go along with it not thinking about what the implications will be, and how his decisions will affect the very people who voted for him.

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