5 thoughts on “Liberals today vs 1960s

  1. I read the original post, and I agree with you, on having experienced liberalism both in the 60’s and in the 80’s. Also, I wonder if the situation has gotten a bit better among liberals since the 80’s. It seems to me that it may have, though that view is affected by a couple geographical moves; and the spirit of political correctness is more-or-less pervasive among progressives in varying demographic regions.

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    • I cautiously agree, A.P. Whereas the counterproductive (in my mind) form of cultural liberalism (I’m leaving economics and foreign policy out for now) dominated from the late 80s until recently, I believe today we see erratic swings. Sometimes the “identity politics/political correctness” liberals seem louder than ever, sometime those fed up with all that and seeking a new way seem ascendant. And the latter group quite explicitly draws on the archival hippie movement. From a major London exhibit last month (“You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels, 1966-70,” Victoria and Albert Museum) to a forthcoming (2018) Carnegie Hall series on the 1960s that rattled The Wall Street Journal (Joe Queenan, 02/16/17), hippies are resurgent in the popular imagination. Good news for you, for me, and, let’s hope, for my novel 😊

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