8 things you should know about Trump and the Environment

  1. Joe Pizarchik spent more than seven years working on a (recently passed) regulation to protect streams from mountaintop removal coal mining. It took Congress 25 hours to kill it. This is just one of dozens of regulations that Republicans have begun erasing. (Politico, 02/12/2017)
  2. The Trump administration is requiring that political appointees review all Environmental Protection Agency studies and data prior to public release, according to a report from the Associated Press. The controversial new rules, which will also apply to information displayed on the EPA’s website, have sparked outrage from scientists and journalists.
  3. Trump has said he will cancel Obama’s moratorium on selling coal from federal lands and Obama’s order that federal agencies take climate change into account in environmental reviews.
  4. Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) director nominee believes the issue of whether climate change is happening is “far from settled.” In fact, he is the man who led the fossil fuel industry’s lawsuit against the EPA’s clean power plan.
  5. Trump himself said last year that “climate change” was a hoax created by the Chinese to hurt the U. S. economy (although he has since shifted to “undecided”).
  6. Trump’s nominee to head the Dept. of the Interior “supports the Keystone pipeline and supported measures to remove protections of endangered species, while opposing legislation to regulate fracking.”
  7. US representative Jason Chaffetz has legislation to direct the Interior secretary to immediately sell off an area of public land the size of Connecticut, arguing that public ownership serves “no purpose for taxpayers.”
  8. Trump’s nominee to run the Dept of Energy is none other than Rick Perry, the man who promised to eliminate the Dept of Energy during his own presidential campaign.

20 thoughts on “8 things you should know about Trump and the Environment

  1. I support Trumps efforts to reign in the EPA’s overbearing regulations. I do not believe in “man made” climate change. CO2 levels have been much higher in the past and man had nothing to do with it.

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    • True. Germany’s strong role in green economies is not surprising, but that China should become the world leader while the U.S. becomes irrelevant is more of a surprise. The Guardian ran a story recently illustrating your point.

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  2. Things have only snowballed into more dire conditions in the week since you posted, but calling it out matters. Then call the legislators and remind them we’ll be voting in the next election … but not necessarily for them. Thank you.

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  3. I am sickened by this administration and the outright disregard for people, and the environment.
    To reverse everything that has been gained is a catastrophic move. Showing a total lack and disregard for facts. That’s not surprising or unexpected though. He has always made his intentions clear.
    People voted for him. They must have been blind, deaf and dumb. Is this really what they want?
    When it has an impact on them, and it will, maybe then they will see their error, but we will all wind up paying for it.

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  4. A Trump supporter:
    “I voted for Trump and that is Donald Trump because I know Jesus hates gays and I want a wall billed to keep out Syrians climbing over and raping my cows and if Trump is Pope he can do that and yes he will do it and did and his hair must have its own show as the Muppets and a Christian beliefs and that Muslims can go back into Mordor if in the the Bible it is written which not evolution did if Jesus made dinosaurs and finally Hallellular Hallylooler Halleyleyar said the Lord and Trump will bomb them until for peace to us all A men.”


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