Hippies and Butterflies

I now have free review copies (Kindle or typeset pdf) of Hippies (novel) or Year of the Butterfly (chapbook of poems) for readers willing to post a brief and honest Amazon review.

Click the images for the Amazon links, or email me at the address below for the free copy if you’re willing to get a review up in the next few weeks


Email for review copies: drggautier@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “Hippies and Butterflies

  1. I’ll review *Hippies* for you, Gary. The only thing I ask is to be unusually patient with your response, because I am a very slow and spaced out reader. If I get back to you sooner than you think, however, you will already know your book is great – it will mean that I couldn’t put it down. 🙂

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  2. i’ll have to check it out when i have time, i would love to help an indie poet get more recognition. i also have a tribe of hippie friends lol

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