How to lose elections to a lunatic*

Election 1: Tell majorities across the country (between New York and California) that they are a bunch of racist misogynists who are overloaded with unearned privileges and who stupidly vote against their own interest. Repeat daily. Then run your candidate against the lunatic and see who wins.

Election 2: Consider loss of Election 1 as proof positive that everyone between New York and California is a racist misogynist overloaded with unearned privileges who stupidly votes against their own interest. With your confirmation bias now reaffirmed, repeat same messaging from Election 1, only louder. Then run your candidate against the lunatic and see who wins.

* I hope that this small instruction manual will be of special value to my friends abroad, who have expressed some consternation about how Trump could win and possibly win again.

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29 thoughts on “How to lose elections to a lunatic*

    • When you are superior and smarter than everyone else why would you want to consider any other option but your own? There is a term, several terms, to describe people like that.


    • Thanks, Cherie. Let me repeat here my technical writer’s lament: People always complain about how hard it is to follow instruction manuals, but here — in the one case where I wish my instructions would be scorned — my liberal friends find the instructions all too easy to follow. The unifiers have yielded both sides of the political spectrum to the dividers.


  1. I’m a technical writer, too. Here’s my own manual on how a lunatic can win an election:
    1. Pummel the electorate with racial and gender politics
    2. Introduce a lunatic candidate willing to challenge those racial and gender politics, no matter how crude, irresponsible, ill-informed, and dangerous he might be
    3. Divide the opposition party to the lunatic
    4. Choose to drink turpentine (Trump) over prune juice (Clinton) because orange juice (Sanders) is no longer in stock

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  2. I’ve read someone else’s blog about Trump possibly being re-elected and even if I never thought he would (I also never thought he’d become president in the first place), it scared me into being convinced that he will.

    Then again, only time can tell. We’ll see. And if it is so, it is so.

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