Poetics of Space: Schematics and Assemblies

Poetics of Space:  Schematics and Assemblies

A poetry collection in four books

Book I     Schematics  
Book II    Assemblies
Book III   The Event Horizon
Book IV   Fine Passage through Hope and Despair

Book I     Schematics

Poem 1:       First principles

First principles crest at the event horizon,
the vanishing point of all properties.

Relationships must be in series or in parallel.
There are no other options.

Every relationship has its own interface.

One must choose sides: high voltage, low current,
the aesthetics of resistance.

Passage is limited.

BookCoverImage  year-bfly-cover  


3 thoughts on “Poetics of Space: Schematics and Assemblies

    • I’ll email you a full 70-page draft manuscript if you like. Otherwise, “let us go then you and I,” you by clicking the “Poetry/Fiction” menu on this blog to filter for my other poems and fiction bits therein, I by returning to the draft.


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