Hippies for Christmas

Hippies is FREE this week on Amazon (Kindle). Get your copy now. Or if you have a copy, gift a copy or two to friends. Just tell them to be polite and write a brief and honest Amazon review in return for the freebie 🙂

Click the cover below to link through. (Read some excerpts below that.)

hpp snow

(Note: Paperback, unlike e-book, isn’t free but is 20% off at $10.89.)


Tripping on tan acid

Magic mushroom head shop and dry cleaners

Day tripping with the hippies

A past-life regression

Rebecca’s place


10 thoughts on “Hippies for Christmas

    • Hi Jen. On Amazon, you can get Kindle copies 2 more days for free. Paperbacks will soon go back up from $10.99 to $13.60 (with free shipping if you’re on Prime). If you want signed copies, email immediately (I’m leaving the USA in a couple of week) at drggautier@gmail.com ($10 + 3.50 shipping = $13.50 total for signed copies).


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