Trump’s Wall

Charts here (Washington Post) show that illegal border crossings are at a relative low and that illegal immigrants in the aggregate commit fewer crimes than native citizens. Buy you only need the one bar graph below to see that the current immigration “crisis” is entirely fabricated for political gain.


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15 thoughts on “Trump’s Wall

  1. It’s still high compared with 1990, however numbers don’t really matter in politics. Your view on this topic depends on whether you think immigration is good or bad, which depends on which part of the economy you inhabit. Low-skilled workers think immigration is bad for them (and it might well be.) High earners think that immigration is good for the economy as a whole (and economic theory backs them up.)

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    • Hi Charlie. If you want to debate walls or what makes up a nation, that is fair enough. My point is that it is disingenuous to pump it up into a hair-on-fire crisis if the incoming numbers have been even or slightly dropping for 10 years. Thanks for input. One day I hope to discuss those other points on your back porch, where I’m sure we will genially disagree on much and pleasantly agree on some 🙂

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  3. I bet all the idiots that posted here in January are really enjoying all that crow they’re eating with egg all over their face


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