Postcards from a shithole country

A few days in central Mexico …

(or in one of “those shithole countries,” as President Trump has labeled them)








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29 thoughts on “Postcards from a shithole country

    • I sincerely hope so too, Flavio. The problem is that we have only one other major party here, and although they have some good policies, their rhetoric is endlessly chastising and divisive, which doesn’t exactly win people over. If they could put forth a viable alternative, Trump would be gone — many people are hungry for a viable alternative — but alas, the Democrats are comically inept at putting forth a viable alternative. Gary

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  1. They could make their country to a safer and more prosperous by just legalizing all kinds of narcotics. Of course they would miss out of all the money the US is donating to their armed forces who’re fighting drugs trafficking. Mexico shouldn’t be fighting and bleeding for what in the US is considered as a mere public health issue. By properly taxing those narcotics, Mexico could even be better off than now (less army, less US money but more tax revenue). And way, way less violence since the cartels would be deprived of their purpose of existence. The Guatemalan president once floated this idea, put was quickly called to order by his US paid generals.

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    • True. Small amounts of marijuana are now officially tolerated if not legal, so no need to fear the cops for having a joint, but this does not address the legitimate issues and good suggestions you bring up. Per violence, my impression is that where the violence is high (per the cartels you mention) it is astronomically high, but large swaths of the country are safer than the US. So, having hitchhiked around a bit, my unscientific conclusion is that street crime and organized crime are more concentrated but less ubiquitous than in the US. But let’s hope everyone follows the lead of Colorado, et al. 🙂

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    • It’s great here. I would say, “come wallow in the shit” if you get a chance, but maybe we’re carrying the Trump satire past its natural end. So come enjoy the beauty — Guanajuato/San Miguel de Allende/Queretaro — all three are nice places to start (and not too far from each other). Mexico City too!


  2. These photos are utterly gorgeous–thank you for sharing them with us. You’ve ramped up my determination to visit this beautiful part of Mexico. I live in Maryland–way too close to that shithole swamp in Washington on Pennsylvania Avenue (at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I think) but the terrible odor keeps wafting way out here to central Maryland. Gotta get away–Mexico sounds about right.

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    • A week split between Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, and Guanajuato (city) covers the region pretty nicely. International airports in Queretaro and Guanajuato. Now get out of that (non-) shithole country! (Actually, though, I love DC, though not so much the current occupant of 1600 Penn.)


  3. My husband and I spent seven weeks in San Miguel last year. It was beautiful but with all the expats, it didn’t feel very authentic. We much prefer Oaxaca, where we were for a month the year before and will go back to this year for Dia de los Muertos. Your pictures, especially the one of that walking street lined by the colorful buildings, brought back some nice memories. Did you get to the Chapel of Jimmy Ray?

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    • No. I only hitchhiked into San Miguel briefly from my base in Guanajuato City — itself a bit touristy, but with a major university in the centro and lots going on in addition to the expat thing such as you get in San Miguel. I’ve heard so much about Oaxaca and can’t wait to go there. My only taste so far has been Oaxacan Mezcal and crickets, tasted from afar 🙂

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