Trump’s national emergency

Posted not long ago but relevant per today’s news is this one simple stat, which clears up whether we have a national emergency at the border: Trump’s Wall.


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5 thoughts on “Trump’s national emergency

  1. The crisis is one he created. His supporters will, of course, see his so called genius in this move, but it’s not a good precedent,it will get challenged in court to prove his emergency and theH House will pass a disapproval resolution which will go to the Senate to vote in—-which will put some Republicans on the spot.

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    • I hope you are right about the pinch on Republicans. I think it is fair to talk about border security, but it is not a good precedent (not speaking legally here but just in terms of governance) to declare emergency action when you can’t have your way on what is clearly not an actual emergency (cp. the chart that shows illegal immigration has been steady or slowly declining for the past ten years).


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