Akiko Keira’s Sense of Space

Link to Akiko’s website

And to her latest exhibition in Buenos Aires

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4 thoughts on “Akiko Keira’s Sense of Space

  1. Akiko’s work has a kind of “Jackson Pollock” vibe going for it (but a lot less messy), which means there must be a fractal number that is pleasing to the brain. I would make some great tattoos !

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    • Yes, I’d say the emphasis on clean line structures makes Akiko’s work more tattoo-able than Pollock’s. Also — maybe related to “less messiness” — Akiko’s art has that Japanese thing — where the lines and contours seem light and airy, flickering back and forth across the border of substantiality. Thanks as ever for your erudite comment (and for eliciting a little of my own pedantry)!


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