A Hippie Status Report on Civil Rights and Progressives

When I see Facebook memes from my social justice oriented friends about how we should vote for, value the opinion of, or pronounce someone guilty or innocent based on skin color or sex organs, it reminds me of how things change and remain the same. Too many of my generation – black, white, male, female, gay, straight, and other – fought too long and hard against judging people based on generalizations about skin color or sex organs for us to start doing it now, even if those encouraging us to do so call themselves “progressives” instead of “conservatives” (as they were called in the 1960s).

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4 thoughts on “A Hippie Status Report on Civil Rights and Progressives

  1. Well, I agree with you in principle: we should be beyond all the categorization. But clearly, we are not, and the current occupant of the White House has so riven our society that it’s incumbent upon anyone seeking to replace him to do a nearly impossible task: simultaneously hearing and responding with authenticity to the disparate voices/concerns and addressing us all in a way that fosters unity.

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    • President Trump did and does little to “riven” the country. That blame falls upon the weak shoulders of his predecessor, Obama, and his and the American people’s enemies today.

      And no, there will be no unity insolong as your sort engage in divisive beliefs, mostly in direct opposition to the well-being of normative Americans. One cannot have unity with those you seek to destroy or subjugate.

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    • Hi Annie. I have no problem with categorization. In fact, we need to categorize if we are to address categorical inequities (and to celebrate our diversity). The problem comes when we vilify or vote for or value the opinion of an individual based on a category. I.e., it seems the ideal of 1960s progressives (Civil Rights and hippies) was for all races, genders, etc., to join together and address persistent inequities suffered by disadvantaged groups. Current progressives seem to address inequities by drawing battle lines between races, genders, etc., and assigning specific rules and values to each walled off demographic, encouraging it to guard its own turf against outsiders. I favor the old school progressive approach, which I suspect was radically integrationist in a way that would horrify today’s conservatives and progressives alike 🙂


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