Trump Eulogies

Per the new fictional non-fiction genre of the Trump eulogy, here is my contribution:

Poor George. Sweet guy. Like a kid. Gee-whiz George. Couldn’t tell a lie. But the Brits were laughing at us. I love the Brits. I got Brits working the greens at Mar-a-Lago. Great for managing the shithole country workers. But they were cleaning our clocks, while Gee-whiz George was busy telling the truth. So I says to him, “George, you gotta storm the airports.” And he says, “There ain’t no airports.” And I says, “George, you see that crowd out there. Biggest crowd ever. They don’t want facts. They want entertainment.” No, Gee-whiz George could not tell a lie. So he had a failed presidency. And I’m here today to save his image by telling you about the great storming of the airports at Yorktown and Fort McHenry. And I can tell you, my friends. Believe me. Wherever Gee-whiz George is today, he is looking up and saying, “Trump was right! Thank God for Trump! Thank God for a winner!”

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7 thoughts on “Trump Eulogies

    • Sorry you don’t like the partisan humor, Charlie. I hope some of my friends enjoy and that others will grant me an indulgence on the grounds that I poke fun at all sides when I think they deserve it (and I try not to be any more harsh than, say, Saturday Night Live — which is a level of satire every president should be prepared to take). Anyway, hope you’ll keep reading (and commenting) — just gotta flex that satire muscle de vez en cuando.


  1. If Trump supporters prefer entertainment to facts , then they should look at themselves and see how futile their lives really are. If you need a Trump to enliven their lives, then you are in real trouble.

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  2. I vote my pocket book… The Trump administration has put more money in my pocket. My stock portfolio is up.. My taxes are down. Many of my customers work in the oil and chemical business and are VERY pleased with the current administration. They are buying new houses and cars. All I can say is TRUMP 2020

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