Hippies running free

Hippies is FREE this week on Amazon (Kindle).

Go on. Do it. Release your inner hippie.

Click the cover below to link through. (Read some excerpts below that.)

hpp snow

So get your copy now. Or if you have a copy, gift a copy or two to friends. Just tell them to be polite and write a brief and honest Amazon review in return for the freebie 🙂


Tripping on tan acid

Magic mushroom head shop and dry cleaners

Beach scene from Hippies

Day tripping with the hippies

A past-life regression

Rebecca’s place

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17 thoughts on “Hippies running free

    • That’s pretty official, Michael! I’m not too far behind. I can claim 50 years, too, if I can count being a little kid watching Woodstock live on the news, secretly cheering for the hippies while my grandma cursed at the TV. Anyway, a few years later, when I hit 17, I was off on the first of many cross-country hitchhiking trips. Now I’m back at it, having hitchhiked 12 countries since turning 60 (most recently Mexico, as you may have noticed via my “hitchhiking” blog posts).


  1. Long long ago in Puerto Vallarta, Alan and Jano Watts and my former wife and I were guests in an elaborate house overlooking the Bahia de Banderas – one day Alan sent word to the village (and it was a village then, long before the jet port came) that a group of young people staying there was welcome to come by on Sunday for a visit. Come Sunday, the visit featured a fully-robed Alan conducting a Japanese tea ceremony, followed by an “American tea ceremony,” as Alan put it, with all of us stoned.

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    • Wow! Quite a tale to tell! That comment alone makes good on the title of this blog entry – a “memorable fancy” worthy of Blake himself. Well, I never had tea with Alan Watts, but at least I can say that I recently hitchhiked across three states in Mexico, including a stop in San Miguel de Allende, where Neal Cassady died beside the railroad tracks. That’s as close as I can come. Call it post-publication research for my”Hippies” novel 😊


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