Gary’s favorites

Looking back over my travels, I came up with a few favorites to share.

Favorite coffee shops

  1. Café Tal (Sangre de Cristo), Guanajuato, Mexico
  2. Café Kittel, Aachen, Germany
  3. The Spider House, Austin TX
  4. Phil, Vienna, Austria

Favorite restaurants

  1. Taberna Maceiras (Las Huertas), Madrid
  2. Sante Fe, Tivoli NY
  3. Ciro’s Coté Sud, New Orleans LA
  4. Restaurante La Catarata (taco stand), Uvita, Costa Rica

Favorite place for pictures

  1. Freiburg, Germany
  2. Boulder, Colorado
  3. Varanasi, India
  4. Fez, Morocco

(For more curious favorites, see my “About” page 😊)

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12 thoughts on “Gary’s favorites

  1. Merci d’avoir aimé, Harleyte. I’ve had some great coffee and meals and photo spots in France, too — some great pictures, e.g., hitchhiking Genève à Evian-les-Bains in the snow — but I can’t remember the names 🙂 Gary


  2. This looks interesting, a combination of books and travel? One of my favorite coffee shops Is Angelina’s in Paris, France. The hot chocolate there is like warm chocolate pudding with whip cream on top. Thanks for the good tips.

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    • Oh yeah, I remember some great coffee and pastries in Paris, but I have no names for those little shops now. That chocolate sounds like the cups of thick chocolate at Chocolatería San Ginés in Madrid! They have it at the Guanajuato place on my list (Cafe Tal) too! Of course, I can’t really compare till I make it back to Paris. My 2018 hitchhiking jaunts (always fun when you don’t know the language 🙂 ) took me from Calais to Lille and into Belgium, and later around the Haute-Savoie. Haven’t been to Paris in a decade tho.


    • True. I am working on my next novel now — my first that involves a fantasy setting – and there’s that constant back and forth. I need to let my imagination wander and explore the setting, but then I need the analytical muscle to step back in and give a coherent shape and direction, a simulated realism. The imagination part is definitely more fun 🙂


  3. So funny, that Kaffe Kittel is on the list 🙂 I never really liked that place, but I guess the reason was, that I always went there when it was stuffed. If you go during the day for a coffee it can be a cozy alternative place to sit.

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    • I always went there during the day to work on writing projects and have coffee 🙂 If I ever went in the evening, I’d have to sit in the Biergarten because I could not take the acoustics inside at night. They had some kind of vegetarian soup — lentils?? — that was good too! Also, I thought Cafe Kittel made nice pictures — both the interior when not crowded and the Biergarten — for my travel-deprived friends back home 🙂


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