Nice door

“If you go through the doorway too fast and you’re not ready for it, you’re bound hand and foot and thrown into the outer darkness. You may land anywhere and lots of people end up in mental hospitals. The reason is that they went through the door with their ego on.” Baba Ram Dass

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8 thoughts on “Nice door

    • Did not elaborate in that context that I know of. Personally, I picture it as most easily understood in reference to the days when he and Leary were taking and promoting LSD and studying its effects. It is certainly true that many found in LSD a kind of enlightenment they had never experienced before, while some ended up in mental institutions. This may apply more generally to other (non-drug) processes of enlightenment. You’d have to ask Ram Dass (RIP) about that. I can vouch for the LSD 🙂

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      • Aha! Makes perfect sense in the context of LSD. I shall have to ponder the thought through mindfulness meditation, which has never led me to the “trippin’” power of LSD, but does sometimes provide considerable enlightenment.

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        • Certainly, mindfulness meditation does not seem to involve the same risk. Maybe it’ s just a matter of pace. With mindfulness meditation, things move slowly, steadily, you can control how fast you open the door. With LSD, it’s damn the torpedoes, you fly through the door and see what happens.

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