4 thoughts on “Where to go from here

  1. Extraordinary juxtaposition—both videos gave me chills for different reasons. It was strange to see that the people destroying that poor neighborhood didn’t seem to fit into any of the categories we’ve assumed were wreaking havoc: they looked like privileged college kids to me. Is that what you saw, Gary?

    It’s been clear which path most of the demonstrators want to follow. I just hope they do what that young woman said and vote—on every level.

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    • Hi Annie. Yes, I think in that particular video, it was white college kids thinking they were being cool and radical and social justicy by destroying someone’s neigbhorhood. But I kind of like that they were nearly invisible, so the focus was on the woman’s point and not about identifying and morally tagging people by race. And yes, I thought the pairing worked well — two very different but equally moving videos about this event. I’m still not sure if the videos are opposites or complements, and that what makes them good food for thought, for raising the questions about where we want to go from here — at least for me personally. (Thanks for watching.)

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    • Thank you, Michael. Yeah, I didn’t want to say too much — just put the videos out there so people could think about it for themselves. (I always enjoy yr posts too 🙂 )


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