Trump and the environment

If you find yourself weighing policy issues in this US campaign season, you might take note of this one …

“The Trump government continues its race to sell out” nature for profit before the election (Adam Kolton, Alaska Wilderness League).

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13 thoughts on “Trump and the environment

  1. Donald Trump cannot be affiliated with the right nor the left (if ever). He is the surreal follow up of the social imbalances the corporatists have wrecked on the world through their concept of total globalisation. He is the wrecking ball to make sure no democratic institutions will be left unscathed after his replacement.

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    • just to depress you a bit more;
      As a conscious human being one may not get trapped into those assumptions that the progress of the human conditions will reach the conclusion of a so-called better world. The prevalent situation of organised chaos will continue until the specie will reach the end of its term. Triumphs will be had and disasters will follow! We are part of natures cycle and one of nature’s most distinctive characteristics is its “organised chaos”, such as we are approaching now.
      What does distinguish us from the rest of nature is the one and only specific aspect, we have developed a conscious mind. We are able to make choices and consequently must take responsibility for those!
      Unless of course, we claim we have acted unconsciously that will mean, we are devoid of consciousness and so carry no responsibility at all. Or even better we go to confession and all is forgiven! Those are the characteristics of our new leader for the foreseeable future. Looking at it from the bright side, we had a good time and we know how that felt. Guilt? no one does refuse to be alive in good times!

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