13 thoughts on “Green and Gray: My Side of City Park

    • Oh man, City Park of New Orleans is the place for you, Willow! Have you been there? Great for horror writers too 🙂 Btw, your blog piques my curiosity (and perhaps that of some of my readers — a horror/speculative writer with an “I write like James Joyce” button! My own novels to date best fit historical/literary genres, but I’ve just started writing a weird adult hippie post-apocalyptic fairy tale. I might have to email you for advice and dissuasion 🙂 Gary (drggautier@gmail.com)

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      • Jeez, I so would love to read a “weird adult hippie post-apocalyptic fairy tale”! 🙂 I love New Orleans (except it was a wee bit hot in August *laugh*) I went on one of the tours and cemetery tours and such–saw Anne Rice’s house and Trent Reznor’s house. I love most everything ‘natural” about the swamps and oceans and wildlife and things like that. (I grew up in Florida). Here’s my author email: croftwillow@yahoo.com. I’m just getting started on a book about demons and nature. Worked out most of the outlining I think.

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