Free love, free hippies

HIPPIES FREE this week. Download now.

4.2 stars on 50 Amazon ratings. Selected for Oregon community radio interview.

Follow Jazmine and Ziggy as they stumble through the sights, sounds, and ideals of the 1960s toward a dramatic personal climax.

Go ahead. Click it. Release your inner hippie.


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2 thoughts on “Free love, free hippies

  1. Hey Gary, I totally enjoyed “HIPPIES!” It was a very thought-provoking and in-depth analysis written by someone who lived during the era. Since I’m close to your age, it was very enlightening to me to see how much the characters in your book reflected the people and ideas that I remember as a young person during that time.

    In addition to the hopeful and searching idealism of the era, you hint at how seeds of dogma were unintentionally born out of the dualities uncovered during this era. As you show in the book – the somewhat harsh dogmas of today that were influenced by the hippie movement had not yet calcified into rigid mindsets. As your book shows, it was truly inspiring to live during an era in the 1960s and 1970s where the motto – “smile on your brother + sister” truly was a sincere slogan.

    Hopefully, through books like yours, we can rekindle the sense of freedom that the hippy era was trying to convey and nourish. At some point I’ll be gladly writing a positive Amazon review for “HIPPIES.”

    On another note, after having lived through the horrendous fire in Southern Oregon that burned down a large portion of my hometown of Talent, Oregon last September – I began to see the fire as a sort of metaphor for the tumultuous political landscape currently in the United States. Both sides of the political aisle have become so intense that I took a break from blogging to recharge. At some point in the next few months I’ll begin to post again.

    Take Care Gary!

    Perry Casilio

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    • Thanks, Perry! No matter how many reviews one gets, one like this always warms the heart. Yes, the hippie dreamers are the good guys in the novel, but I try to honestly look at the forces of darkness as well as the light. But the light always wins for me, even if it leaves you with a pleasing sense of melancholia.

      I can relate to your fire as metaphor. Per literal fire, I donated through Derek at the radio station. I may try a hitchhiking trip into Ashland later this year to pop in on Derek. Email me through my About page with your location. Maybe I’ll say hi 😊

      Thanks in advance for an Amazon review. Those things count, even the very short ones.

      May the Age of Aquarius still be rising!


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