Lost song for Meng Jiao

I too have seen the winter stream,
waves beating the swords
of ice, dreamed

of imperial jade, green and blue,
of topaz the color of honey.

Cold streams crumple
the ragged banks of dreary forest,
Above the stream the swells of snow,
Further still, the stars by time and distance frozen,

as far away as your language from mine,
as your solitude from mine.

Spring comes on apace.
The waves beat harder. The swords
of ice break like paper branches. We turn
inward, you and I, creatures of the winter, to seek

someone or something approaching,
cold comfort in translation, here,
the icy clarity of the mirror.

Meng Jiao (751–814) was a Chinese poet during the Tang Dynasty.


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14 thoughts on “Lost song for Meng Jiao

      • Sorry I couldn’t type too much before haha my other hand was petting a cute little kitty XD, please forgive me, I didn’t know the English translation before, did you translate this?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Sorry, Zhiyu, I cannot yet translate from Chinese to English. Give me another 1000 years 🙂 . This is my original poem in English. It was inspired by the Spanish translation of Meng Jiao that you gave me, but the poem here is all mine — so, an original English composition. But don’t let my brooding melancholia darken your enjoyment of your cute little kitty!


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