Bartholomew Park

Joggers traverse the perimeter.
At the center of the park is a playground.
There is one child in the playground.
He pops a head out from under a slide.
He pokes a stick in the sand.
One of the joggers has stopped near a trash barrel.
Several Coke cans and part of the meat of a fruit lay around the barrel.
She is breathing heavily. No, she is weeping.
The child studies something dark that he holds in his hands.

It begins to rain.


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6 thoughts on “Bartholomew Park

      • I lived in Austin for several years (North Cat Mountain) – never visited Bartholomew Park. It’s still there, just east of 35. There are two important directions in Austin: West of 35 and East of 35. 35 was built as a kind of Great Wall, and (unintentionally, but quite predictably) solidified the social separation between gotsomemoney and gotnomoney. Austin is very tolerant and welcoming to people of all races – if they have enough money to live West.

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        • Hey Terence. Been a while since I lived there. I suspect the “gotnomoney” side of 35 got bohemian and then gentrified over the past decade or so — at least down around 6th St — but maybe another Austinite can chime in.

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