6 thoughts on “A traveling carnival

  1. When we lived in Europe small traveling carnivals were plentiful. In German they were call a “Kirmes”. The kids were young and they loved the rides. There were booths with all kinds of items and food. In Switzerland they had raclette cheese, fondue, various sausages, etc.

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      • We just bought some raclette cheese at at new Aldi grocery store in Covington. In Switzerland we had a little raclette machine which a radiant coil above the raclette padels. The real deal is a large half cheese block with a very large electric coil heater. The cheese is placed in frtont of the coil and you scrape off the melted cheese. The old way to do this was by the fireplace !!!

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          • There is a little open air oven with a tray on the top that is heated up by the radiant coils beneath it. You cut a slice of raclette cheese, put it in a metal paddle about 6 sq. inches attached to a wooden paddle which is NOT under the heat. Then you wait for it to melt and then you take the paddle out and put the melted cheese on potatoes or whatever else you want to use. You can also put various condiments and meats like ham, onions, etc., whatever floats your boat. WUNDERBAR !

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