Ragged, featured, and free

I advise you to download this 50-page Faulkner-Wisdom Prize finalist NOW (and share the link widely) while it’s free, and add your Amazon rating later.

#1 Bestseller on Amazon’s 90-minute reads (free) list
Shortlisted for the Faulkner-Wisdom Prize
Selected for Innovative Fiction Book Club
Selected for radio interview on KSKQ Oregon

Free Kindle download: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08RSNTR2B/
Digital Book Today listings: http://digitalbooktoday.com/free-kindle-books-amazon/
Author site: http://www.garygautier.com/

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4 thoughts on “Ragged, featured, and free

  1. Hello Gary, This is only FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited, which I do not. I tried to download and it did not work. Wayne J


    • Hey Wayne. Many people have downloaded the Kindle version for free today. The glitch may be this: If you ordered the Kindle copy any time in the past, you will no longer see the option to buy the Kindle version again, as it is in your library. Maybe you ordered it last year when it first came out (??)


  2. Thank you, Gary, you made my day with your witty take on Plato!
    It made me laugh and I needed something uplifting and funny at the end of a difficult day. I studied philosophy as part of my university Literature subjects but Plato’s works were never a reason to weep. Obviously, I wasn’t paying attention.


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