The mathematical basis of reality

A curious note from Plato’s Timaeus on the mathematical basis of reality:

“Every sort of body possesses solidity, and every solid must necessarily be contained in planes; and every plane rectilinear figure is composed of triangles; and all triangles are originally of two kinds, both of which are made up of one right and two acute angles … the principles which are prior to these God only knows.”

So there you have it. Right-brainers read it and weep.

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9 thoughts on “The mathematical basis of reality

  1. I read an article the other day about the first guy who separated the two sides of the brain to stop epilipsy. The details were shocking. It exposed 2-different people living in the same body One side believed in God and the other was an atheist.  We are all the yin and the yang negotiating a middle ground and trying not to be too insane. One must wonder why evolution has chosen this path ! When is Alice being released? Wayne J

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    • No offence to my religious friends (I love them and debate them at the same time), but it seems they often have that double brain. Like our old friend, B — one half believes literally that Noah put two of every species on the boat and the other half is a perfectly logical programmer, or Mitt Romney — one half literally believes that the angel Moroni gave Joseph Smith some golden tablets in 1823 in upstate NY telling about Jesus’s travels in North America, and the other half — well, I’m not ideologically on Romney’s side but he doesn’t seem dumb. It makes sense that that doubleness works in many areas. Every human identity includes conflicts and contradictions, though I’m not sure how much it can be localized to brain hemispheres. Per your evolutionary question, perhaps having each of us a bundle of contradictions increases adaptability the same way variation in the gene pool does (?). Lots of contradictory trajectories increases our chance of hitting on the fittest mutations (?). Anyway, as you say, don’t cast the first stone. You and I are also trying not to be insane in our own ways 🙂

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