Welcome to the New America

A couple of stories from the past 24 hours, just from my region of the USA. Who knows how many similar stories across the country are ongoing and unreported. Click for links.



Not to mention …






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22 thoughts on “Welcome to the New America

  1. It’s horrific, but it will not stand! I just saw a poll showing movement toward Democrats bc of abortion restrictions in every group—with the biggest change a 28% increase among dads. Conjecture was wives and daughters explained reality.

    I also saw a video of a SC state Republican legislator weeping as he told his colleagues that when he voted for restrictions, he had no idea how complicated that decision was. He cited a case involving a young constituent.

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  2. For many years wise man had been warning us of the bad times to come, but their words overburdened with sophisticated terminologies could only be heard by the few incarnated, while ignoring the common man’s inclination for simple materialistic solutions. Alas, things have not changed; the high priests and defenders of human rights having learned nothing are still using their unappealing jargon.

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    • Man, you are so right, at least in the US. Every time something happens to create a wave of support for the defenders of human rights (liberals or left, terms which are used almost synonymously in the US), they immediately frame it in faculty lounge jargon or in some extreme way that alienates the bulk of that wave. (The George Floyd killing was a textbook example of this.)


  3. I’m working. I’m talking to my residents at the public housing authority I work for to get them registered to vote. I’ve signed up to work Election Day. And I’ve signed up to phone bank for the dem senatorial candidate. I will drive folks to the polls during early voting. People must get to the polls.

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    • I know. I don’t think people realized that this would be much worse than pre-Roe, as women today have cell phones with social media and location tracking, period tracking, etc., all of which can be seized and used against them. Not to mention the imperative to withhold info now from doctors. Not to mention laws like in Texas with $$ incentives for private citizens to secretly spy on and denounce friends and family. I would say conditions are MUCH worse than 50 years ago in those states hell-bent to crush women’s rights 😦


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  5. And who will, pay for the lifetimes’ worth of care of these, unhealthy, fetuses after birth again??? Oh wait, it’s the, taxpayers, and, the majority if whom had, voted, the, conservatives, into, the seats of the, government, that ended up, taking away the rights of OUR, reproductive, organs, and that’s just, BULLSHIT! Pardon the “bad language”…

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  6. Horrifying. I chose after a SA to give my child up for adoption. I would not make the same choice (I would have kept her). I would have kept the child my family forced me to give up for abortion ten years before that as well. My choices were made from fear, rage, and inexperience. But I had a *choice* and got to live in America where no one could make a woman’s choice but her own heart. I mourn the loss of that America. I still cannot understand how that America was lost to all of us, but I will learn and I will do everything I can within my power to bring back sanity and choice for everyone. If you have any ideas, Gary let me know. After years of treading water and trying not to sink, I finally have a boat and can focus on learning everything I didn’t have the capacity (emotionally) to witness or understand for the first half-century of my life. ♥.

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