The Republican Commitment to America, 2022

Larry Kudlow of Fox News recently noted that Liz Truss’s economic plan for Britain “looks a lot like the basic thrust of [Republican] Kevin McCarthy’s Commitment to America plan.” (9/23/22)

If you haven’t been listening, Liz Truss was the UK prime minister from Sept. 8 to Oct. 20 (the shortest-lived prime minister in UK history). “In her 45 days in office, her central economic plan was ditched, she lost two senior ministers, her poll ratings nosedived, her authority was destroyed, her parliamentary party rose in mutiny, and the UK’s international reputation was left in shreds.” (Euronews, 10/21/22)

Not to mention, in those brief weeks, the British pound plunged to a record low, yields tumbled, and “fears of a housing market crash mounted as UK banks pulled mortgage deals and lending rates skyrocketed … The Bank of England stepped in on Sept. 28 to stabilize markets.” (CNBC, 10/21/22)

When even your Fox News allies say your 2022 plan for America is like Liz Truss’s plan, that should be a chilling message for voters.

(And that’s not even counting the Republicans’ eagerness to dismantle women’s abortion rights.)

I’m not saying I like the Democrats much either, but it seems we need to do anything right now to keep the Republicans at bay.

(For the inspiration to ply this blog back into the perilous waters of politics, I thank Makita Yuki, friend and resident dignitary of Tokyo. May God and the rest of you forgive me.)

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11 thoughts on “The Republican Commitment to America, 2022

      • I’ll look at them…you know there are parts of both parties that I like…what I don’t like is the greed of the republican party and the political correctness of the democrats.
        Both parties have gone so extreme that I cannot support either one with a good conscious.
        I feel bad for the ones in each party who are moderate…they won’t be heard.

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        • I’m with you on much, Max. I don’t like the Republican service to the rich and cavalier attitude toward women’s rights and racial struggles. Per Dems/liberals, I miss the days when they were the ones FOR free speech and AGAINST judging people by race and gender. Alas they are the ones now reversing that momentum on both fronts. Still, on core policy issues, I tend to grudgingly favor the Dems, and the Repubs have gone mad with Trump and the terrifying rollback of women’s rights (imho).

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  1. Unfortunately, I think the Republicans will pick up some seats in congress because of inflation. It will likely drown out the vote of those upset about the loss of abortion rights. But as always turn out will be the key.
    To the extent the democrats currently lean too far to the “left” we have seen that trend before in our history, and democracy survived (and in some instances in my opinion improved). But what we have never seen is a major party that has embraced autocracy like the Republicans currently have. The proof of that, if it is needed, is in Trump’s anointment of Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz, Kari Lake, J.D. Vance, etc.

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    • “Unfortunately, I think the Republicans will pick up some seats in congress because of inflation. It will likely drown out the vote of those upset about the loss of abortion rights.” Sad. Biden gets blamed for something unrelated to his tenure (inflation*) as Repubs slip the blame for something (loss of abortion rights) they are directly responsible for. And the votes follow.
      *Inflation rates: Germany 10%, UK 10%, Netherlands 14%, EU generally 9.9%, Turkey 83%, Argentina 83%, Mexico 8.7%, US 8.2% (MSNBC).


  2. It’s not only women’s family-planning rights that are being erased. Men, teens and adults, single and married, won’t come away unscathed. Republicans believe that women aren’t responsible enough or intelligent enough to make these decisions for themselves, but it extends beyond women to the lives of men and whole families. And that doesn’t even touch on the economic and social catastrophe if Republicans decide to scuttle our democracy. Citizens are going to have a whole lot more to worry about than the price of gas.

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    • Well-said, Diana! That’s why 2/3 of men as well as 2/3 of women are pro-choice. Repubs would love to make it men vs women to drive a wedge in that large pro-choice majority, but I don’t think that will work for them. Shifting the focus to Dem faux pas like “defund the police” seems to be getting media play and working better for them. It’s up to us to keep the focus on catastrophic Repub attitudes right now (dismantling women’s rights, destroying faith in US democracy, and the see the Liz Truss refs above on their economic plan).

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