Two poems in Literary Revelations

Thanks to Gabriela Marie Milton for publishing two of my poems in Literary Revelations!

Hero and Leander (the lamp and the water)
At the Mirador in Noria Alta

Make sure to browse the books and journal at Literary Revelations, an independent publishing house with good people and a real commitment to the arts and literature community.

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26 thoughts on “Two poems in Literary Revelations

  1. Reblogged this on ONLINE CREATIVE WRITING COURSE and commented:
    > “Art is never finished – only abandoned.”
    > – Leonardo da Vinci

    “What Ayrton created in the mind, he displayed and expressed himself with ‘virtuoso’ performances on the track”

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      • Ha ha ha. That’s awesome. Funny how we read according to personal perspective and what resonates at the moment. I’m in the midst of writing about magical beings and the second one struck such a deep chord. Both are beautiful.

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        • Ah yes, those archetypal beings pop up in my poetry and I can see how they resonate for you. I’d say that one thread undergirding my poetry is transcendence – maybe more specifically a variable dynamic of melancholia and transcendence – and archetypal beings are concrete expressions of transcendence for me. For me, the lost thing we are longing for (to hook my reading to yours) is pain. We might spend years trying to put pain behind us, as if pain were the unfortunate price we had to pay for the beauty of love and life, only to realize that pain was deepening the contours of our emotional lives all along, and that beauty stripped of pain leaves us nothing but nostalgia. (NOTE: I am just one reader among many of my poems – I’d like to think each poem is a toolbox with which each reader can construct their own meaning without relying on the one that might apply personally for me. If a poem is reducible to MY meaning, then it’s more of a riddle than a poem.)

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  2. Although both poems, in full, are obviously beautiful and I enjoyed every phrase and nuance, extra, EXTRA faves are:
    Hero and Leander

    What love creates, need destroys.

    …my hand beginning to move
    into place a geometry
    of memories.

    At the Mirador…

    Sirens of the ocean weaving

    We have nothing to do but
    await the next wound

    Oh man, deeply cathartic. Thanks for sharing, and congrats again!

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    • Thanks, Stacey. Always good to hear which bits readers are responding to. In discussion above negotiating possible meanings with D. Wallace Peach, I stumbled into the phrase, “Beauty stripped of pain leaves us nothing but nostalgia.” That may be as suggestive and enigmatic as the poem itself, but it seemed from one point of view a good thematic summary 🙂

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