Mexican artist Alfredo Langarica

Alfredo Langarica exhibition at Foro Cultural 81 (Guanajuato, Mexico, May 2023)

Foro 81 always has good stuff, but the Langarica paintings were a fantastic surprise, even with that high bar. I found his paintings striking for the subjects (largely archetypal figures that blend and transcend the images of primeval Europe and Mesoamerica), the composition (those heavy archetypal figures are set in semi-abstract, palimpsest environments, pulling you in, pulling you back), and the style of the artist’s hand at work (creating a texture where the paintings seem almost sculpted from volcanic rock). I would hate to be placed in an exhibition with Langarica, as his works have a dominant presence in whatever room they are placed. Then again, brushing up against greatness, has its salutary effects, even if one is momentarily eclipsed. Ok, I will do a poetry reading in a gallery of Langarica’s works if he is willing … waiting …


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