Cati’s workshop

I was fortunate recently to visit the home studio of artist Cati Gris, whose work was recently featured at the Diego Rivera Museum in Guanajuato and who has a couple of shows coming up in Mexico City.

What struck me most about her work was the textures – the fabric and textile alternatives to canvas, the homemade pigments she creates out of organic sources, and the thickness and densities of the materials that get layered into each work. The subjects are abstract and yet they are mappings of something the viewer keeps reaching for – cityscapes maybe, or schematics and fragments of some unconscious landscape – sometimes soothing, as in this one, in which I could lose myself into any square inch of the piece:

and sometimes more disturbing, as in this one:

Some of them strike me as dark and childlike at the same time:


And some are, well, you decide:


In any event, they resonate with many, as Cati has been landing in some great venues lately. ¡Felicidades, chica!

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