Ragged, featured, and free

I advise you to download this 50-page Faulkner-Wisdom Prize finalist NOW (and share the link widely) while it’s free, and add your Amazon rating later.

#1 Bestseller on Amazon’s 90-minute reads (free) list
Shortlisted for the Faulkner-Wisdom Prize
Selected for Innovative Fiction Book Club
Selected for radio interview on KSKQ Oregon

Free Kindle download: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08RSNTR2B/
Digital Book Today listings: http://digitalbooktoday.com/free-kindle-books-amazon/
Author site: http://www.garygautier.com/

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Future classic – free while you can get it

Looks like Love’s Ragged Claws (Faulkner-Wisdom finalist) has a FREE cycle this week. Download free at this link: http:amzn.to/3cwDBaj.

Just be nice if you take a freebie and post an honest  Amazon review of at least one sentence. These really help authors.

In this short novella, Gabriel enters confession for the first time in 50 years and tells the priest he has only three sins to confess, all sins of the flesh, and the confession opens up the byways of human identity and human relationships as it weaves the tale of the three sins.

“A stop at the confessional becomes a life story . . . three sins of the flesh, all of them unique, touching, funny, and remarkably real” (John Allen Stevenson, Professor of English and author of History of the British Novel: Defoe to Austen)

Here’s a sample page if you want to preview the style.


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Don’t get stuck with nothing to read

Goodbye, Maggie now at La Librería Guanajuato & Quimby’s Chicago (+ online).
Also arrived at bookstores in NYC and Austin but down with the virus.
So best to beat the home-alone boredom with a cheap Kindle copy ($3.99).

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Phil’s life becomes a fiasco of misdirection when his charismatic brother shows up with the news that he has murdered someone and asks for sanctuary.

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