About Gary Gautier:gary at lafitte's

Favorite painting title: A Hair Pursued by Two Planets, Joan Miro

Favorite English word to say out loud: lilliputian

Favorite Spanish word to say out loud: pipas

Favorite album: Abbey Road

Favorite zoo animals: elephant, anteater

Favorite advertising slogan: “Drink Barqs. It’s good.”




67 thoughts on “About

    • That you like something of what I wrote is indeed a delightful surprise for me. Please comment whenever you like. The content and prose style of your blog looks appealing to me as well.


  1. Thanks so much, GG, for stopping by and deciding to follow. (After my clicking only two “likes?”) Actually, you picked a bad time; the blog is treading water with cartoons, re-blogs and other ephemera while I toil on at a longish piece that refuses to come to an end. (However, there’s always the archives and the selected pieces on “Pages.”) For starters, let me ask about your Daedalus: Inspired by father of Icarus or an offspring of Joyce’s Stephen? πŸ™‚

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  2. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Gary. I hope you have found some entertaining music and writing and perhaps made some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for a while come on over and check out some recent posts! Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom

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    • I do catch a post once in a while, Thom, and enjoy it. But I guess I’ve signed up for too many blogs and don’t know what the hell I’m doing, so I miss a lot too. With your emphasis on 60s music, you might like to know that my next novel will be set in 1969 featuring a bunch of hippies struggling comically and tragically with the contradictions of the 1960s counterculture. (My recently released novel is still free [the Kindle version is free, anyway — paperback cheap but not free] for 3 more days on Amazon if you want to pick it up.)

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  4. hey gary. thanks for reading and following, i will be doing the same with your words. my favorite word is rigamarole. this is the word that my ex-boyfriend used when asked to describe me in one word. i took it as a compliment. best, beth

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  5. Greetingsβ€”

    I appreciate your β€œliking” my post β€œWhither the Mueller Report (an Exploration in Rhyme).” It will be interesting to see what happens next.

    I plan to spend some time perusing your work. I’m with you in your love for elephants. Anteaters? Not so much. However, I have written about my fascination with octopuses.


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  6. Hello. My name is Bernadette. I saw that you had liked my recent post on my blog page and wondered whether the information featured there was something you might be interested in. I’ve been meaning to connect with those who perused the information, but was delayed with many things to do with my business venture, which is what the post featured. I am a representative of the bio tech company who developed the technology and on a mission to share it with everyone who can appreciate the value of it. I wasn’t sure if the ‘like’ was just a mere reciprocation or if it was something that might be of value to you. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it. I only recently opened my facebook account to connect with people, as more people are on there than emails or the old days of letter writing. Hope to hear from you and perhaps we can connect on facebook. Kind regards.

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    • Thanks, Daniel. Miro made me see the art in the archetypal fragments of geometry, but I don’t recall much about color in his works either. In this case, I am just infatuated with the childlike randomness, the absurdity, the imagination jarred wide open by the title πŸ™‚

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