Manifesto of a Bum on Chartres

Manifesto of a Bum on Chartres

for Allen Ginsberg

I am a ship channel with
no ship
I am a tree with
many branches and still
more leaves

The wine-press knoweth
not the grape
I am under erasure saith
the reptile critic
I too am of reptilian descent

I am a Blakean hero
I drink the world’s guilt
and express it as energy
Allen Ginsberg’s twenty-seven cents
I am nothing

Lucifer stretching his wings
before the fall
I am pharmakos
I drink the world’s energy
and express it as guilt

I am the world’s cipher
I consort with the dead
and amuse the living
posture, breath, eyes, teeth

I speak in many voices
the sublime and the abject
none of which
are to be

Humor me

(Pieces of this poem appeared in Solid Quarter, Issue 3.)


Hippies for Christmas

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Tripping on tan acid

Magic mushroom head shop and dry cleaners

Day tripping with the hippies

A past-life regression

Rebecca’s place


Two books

Two books for gifting or pleasure

Phineas Frecklehopper

From pies to pizza, Phineas loved to cook. But could rendering a recipe really make a hero? Absolutely! Read to see how. And after the magical journey, try some do-it-yourself samples from Phineas’s recipe box! For ages 8-12.

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Mr. Robert’s Bones (re-released with new cover)

Kids poking for hidden silver in an abandoned house awaken long-forgotten ghosts and dark memories of racism, greed, and betrayal. Joined by quirky and mysterious elders, they save the community from its own past. Ages 14-99.

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Thus spoke the starving artist.

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Poetics of Space: Schematics and Assemblies

Poetics of Space:  Schematics and Assemblies

A poetry collection in four books

Book I     Schematics  
Book II    Assemblies
Book III   The Event Horizon
Book IV   Fine Passage through Hope and Despair

Book I     Schematics

Poem 1:       First principles

First principles crest at the event horizon,
the vanishing point of all properties.

Relationships must be in series or in parallel.
There are no other options.

Every relationship has its own interface.

One must choose sides: high voltage, low current,
the aesthetics of resistance.

Passage is limited.

BookCoverImage  year-bfly-cover  


Free Bones

Mr. Robert’s Bones FREE this week

Poking around an old house for hidden silver, three kids awaken the house’s ghosts of racism and betrayal and join up with some quirky old characters to save the neighborhood from its own past.

Award-winning writer Gary Gautier has published a number of books for adults and kids. A screenplay adaptation of “Mr. Robert’s Bones” was selected to the second round (top 10%) at the Austin Film Festival.

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Year of the Butterfly

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A chapbook of poems (sample below)

Apollo and Daphne

Separate we sit on the stone
a lizard below flashing green and gray
the sleek soft body coiled in fear
or hatred or worse. Monuments surround us.

The horizon ruptures, up, up
it floats and hangs through the moss
mislaid dreams of a fruitful season
our own bodies sleek and soft and coiled.

I see you now clear and separate
fading fingers fine-strung in moss
and behind you the radish slice moon
all beauty and light and bitter ash.

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