The Cat Who Wore a Cactus for a Hat

Here’s a read-aloud for my 2 – 6 year old audience*

There once was a cat who wore a cactus for a hat.

This cat’s name was Jack.

When Jack marched down the alley, rats, lizards, birds, and bats would clear out.

This made Jack feel important.

It also made Jack sad because no other animals would come near him.

“Stay back,” they would say when they saw Jack.

One day Jack was marching past the bakery.

The baker was loading loaves of bread on a rack.

Jack reached in between two shelves, pulled out a loaf, and ran.

But what is missing?

Jack’s cactus hat got stuck in a rack.

The baker scratched his head when he saw a cactus stuck to his bread.

Jack sat down to eat on the steps of his favorite shack.

He ate without his hat. Poor Jack.

He was shocked to see a rat on his lap.

The rat looked at the bread and looked at Jack.

Jack shared some bread with the little rat.

Then came a possum, a pigeon, and a turtle with a teapot.

All the friends had bread and tea.

Jack like having friends at the shack better than he liked his cactus hat.

So he left his hat on the baker’s rack.

I hope no one ate it for a snack.

* Pero especialmente para mi amiga pequeña in Playa del Carmen, Uma, en esperanza que su segundo nacimiento 🙂

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