The Gillette Ad (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

No one can seriously dispute the sentiment. Sexual harassment and bullying are unacceptable behaviors that need to be countered, and although not exclusively male traits, males are more susceptible to these toxic behaviors. The point of contention would seem to be how far the ad goes in generalizing. I suspect those who object to the ad feel that it implies that men have generally been in favor of sexual harassment and bullying, save for a brave few willing to stand against those things. I’ve known many men, and few if any are in favor of bullying and sexual harassment. That’s not to say vicious men don’t exist, but if you want to correct a problem, is a sweeping generalization about men the most practical strategy or does that alienate potential male allies and send you down the same road as generalizations about women or racial groups? (Personally, I can’t find it in me to have an emotional reaction to any corporate marketing campaign, but I can see both sides of the argument. And getting multiple points of view here is better than finding your preset position and shutting your ears to all else.)


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6 thoughts on “The Gillette Ad (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

  1. I believe the issue behind this is toxic masculinity – which is the notion that real men are tough. I think of it as, if a boy doesn’t like to go hunting with his dad but is told he must to be a man. Similarly if a girl is told she must have children in order to be a real woman. We need to stop this cycle.

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    • I agree. Personally, I have known very few men or women who think boys should be pressured to go hunting or girls pressured to have children (excepting a few moms overeager for grandkids, but that’s a different issue), but from all I hear I suspect such people are still out there (and hopefully dying out over time). Thanks as always for adding your point of view, JT.


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