Trump’s big week

WHEREAS, the man who has shown with such consistency that he will lash out childlike and without perspective at any perceived slight makes a speech showing an obsession with “other countries laughing at us”;

WHEREAS to the delight of his friend, Mr. Putin, he pulls out of the climate deal, jeopardizing worldwide collaboration on the environment, ceding leadership of the new energy economy to others, and driving a wedge between the US and its Western European allies while Russia sits back as one of the “good guys” still signed in; and

WHEREAS he launches a junior high bully twitter attack on the mayor of London while that city is in the midst of tragedy (driving in more deeply the aforementioned wedge, to the delight of the aforementioned beneficiary, and suggesting that he is perhaps incapable of understanding his role on the world stage);

NOW, THEREFORE, it is time to bring the alarm levels up a notch.

7 thoughts on “Trump’s big week

  1. Unfortunately none of this should be surprising to anyone. It was clear during the campaign that he had some pathological issues and that he was a threat to the system.

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    • Not sure what you mean, Michael. I only know that Qatar was ostracized from neighbors in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Trump’s Secretary of State Tillerson said the next day that the US wants them to work it out and remain unified, then Trump a day later said cutting them off was a big triumph.


    • Trump claimed victory but I’m not sure this is really much of one. The Saudis et al get to claim they followed his instruction to go after the nations supporting terrorism, he declares victory—they played him if you will. (By now even thrid graders know how to play up to Trump) And they went after a weak sister who is not the big promoter of terrorism they claim

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